Water Fall


When the rains come. Guitar in various guises. Percussion – Tom Le Bas. Downloadable from here in HQ MP3 and distributed to Apple, Spotify, Youtube, and many other streaming platforms.

Halcyon (Is This A Lovers Thing)


Pop? I Guess. Strange? Certainly. Entirely synth, including what sounds like a voice.

Gloriana (Naked)


Trying to evoke paradise. Older, but since one goal is to hear these songs in film and television, I thought I’d create a more atmospheric version. Birds – Steven Toepell. Above songs mastered by Reuben Ghose. More in the works.

Electric Artists Do Good Before Evil

A couple of songs from a larger suite. These two were the simplest to complete, hence up first. Mastered by Isaac Memphis.

M (guitar & synth)


Water Fall Two (guitar)

In the beginning, and so on…

This site has been home to art, then voice acting, and now music, apocrypha and whatever else.

A few words about the music. I think it fair to judge that songwriting no longer truly exists, rather we at best just find fresh ways to arrange musical sound that was previously discovered or conceived. As much as I admire even the most innovative of compositions, when I listen there is virtually nothing that I haven’t heard before.

This is in no way dismissive, just a recognition of reality, as true for my efforts as those of anyone else.

The concept with the new songs was to approach their inception with as little premeditation as possible and to try to carry that freedom through to the end result. It’s difficult when the language of songwriting and how music is commonly consumed and appreciated is so firmly entrenched – a pre-chorus harmonic lift is there for a reason, as is a percussion roll announcing “and now this”, etc., etc….

So, I improvised with my guitars and synths for hundreds of hours searching for those moments when I would stumble open something interesting, something that I would not have thought of normally and found compelling – a few seconds of a very fleeting magic. Those ephemeral passages became the base and building blocks of the music, analogous to creating a sculpture with found objects.

I could go on, and sometimes do until my victim’s eyes glaze over, but hopefully I’ve conveyed the general idea.

Digital Art

These pieces date from around 2005. There are plenty more, but I consider this small selection the most successful or intriguing out of a random-to-resolved process, that – like the music here – initially relied on happy accidents while playing with technology.

Please click to view in relative high-res.



Hanging on a few walls. I initially encountered great difficulty in printing these artworks, but ultimately connected to the right process and a specific plastic paper.
Element Field

The illusion of depth on a macro level.
Day Six

Totemic and a little disturbing.
To The Power Of Three

This one was early days and never printed well despite every effort. So in the ether it remains. I like to think something numinous is happening.


The pop instrumental Monkeyhowl anthem, released 2010. Mp3 downloadable.




Everyone Was Here – K 1985

Voice In The Bush – K 1984 (Johnston, Boehm)

Today Or Tomorrow – K 1985 (Chown, Johnston, Boehm)

You Can’t Stay Away – solo 1987    … trying to please the industry.

The Swim – solo 1989     … and when it’s time to let it go.


K was Elliott Shulman (drums)

Greg Chown (bass)

Scott Johnston (guitar)

Erich Boehm (vocals, guitar)


Taken from the novelty song Barbarian at monkeyhowl.com. You never know when they might come in handy. Mp3s downloadable.

Barbarian One

Barbarian Two

Barbarian Three

Barbarian Four