I’ll keep it short. I’m Canadian and British, born in Canada.

I graduated from the Ontario College Of Art in 1984. I went on to be a professional (i.e. starving) musician in the alt-rock band K. High points included the single “Sliding In / A Thousand Years”, which charted top 10 on college radio stations in Canada and the U.S., and the music TV video hit “Voice In The Bush.” I also had a couple of art shows and a few magazine illustrations published during this period.

After travelling in 1991, I ended up in Hong Kong and fell into journalism, chiefly music and TV criticism for the South China Sunday Morning Post. In 1993, I moved to London, freelancing for The Independent on Sunday, The Wire, Q, Time Out, The Sunday Telegraph and other publications. A lot of ground was covered, of note spending time with and writing about Stockhausen and his sons.

All of which led to seven years as the London correspondent of Variety. I could unpack many things from that very full-on era, but a highlight was being the paper’s point man for James Bond. In addition, I had a side career in voiceovers in Britain.

I chose not to pursue journalism further when I returned to Canada by 2003, instead favouring creative endeavours and whatever presented itself. I still do voice if it’s a project that interests me. I can be reached at